Iulian Trandafir, President of A.D.R.F.R., interview for Ziarul Financiar about the Romanian pharmaceutical distribution sector

A drug distributor can have several licenses for each warehouse he owns or can operate as annexes, as explained for ZF Iulian Trandafir, president of the Association of Pharmaceutical Distributors and Retailers in Romania (A.D.R.F.R.). He said that the big players in the distribution of medicines have less than half of the total number of deposits.

"There are several warehouses that deliver in Romania and the rest are operate in parallel export. There are also producers who have opened warehouses. There are several large distributors with several licenses each, but they do not exceed 100 distribution centers ", said the president of A.D.R.F.R.

“I don't think the big players want to increase the number of deposits. We rely on the fact that the infrastructure in Romania will improve and then we will be able to optimize transport prices. On the one hand, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) claims are growing, which is correct, but on the other hand, products are delisting, we have fewer and fewer products to deliver, with lower and lower prices. The direction is not good", Iulian Trandafir also said.

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