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“Unfortunately, the testing process takes place mostly in hospitals and emergency units at the moment. I welcome the initiative of the Ministry of Health to issue an order enabling testing to be carried out in the pharmacies as well. I want to remind you that that this is an optional action for the pharmacies and that it will not be mandatory for the patients to be tested in the pharmacies. This testing already exists in Europe and it has progressed very well. There are countries where it is clearly regulated. Obviously, it is not carried out without the pharmacist completing a course to certify his competence for testing and without minimal conditions regarding the pharmacy’s infrastructure to ensure its safety. There are developed countries in Europe, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, which have started testing in the pharmacies. In Italy they have established the price of EUR 6 per testing, per labor. For Romania, the price may be too high. We will see when the concrete testing in the pharmacies will start” states Trandafir

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