Iulian Trandafir, President of A.D.R.F.R .: Vaccination should also be provided in pharmacies

Iulian Trandafir supports the idea of including pharmacies in the infrastructure needed for immunization and providing vaccination services in schools, universities, workplaces, or the so-called Drive-Thru (according to the Drive-Thru model for PCR testing). "Vaccination services should also be carried out through pharmacies. There are about 8,000 pharmacies that can provide this vaccination service, even if I don't know if they all want it. However, we can consider that there are several thousand pharmacies in Romania that can help the current vaccination system and can make this program a success ", said Iulian Trandafir.

Trandafir's statement was made in light of the World Health Organization recommendations regarding the expansion of vaccination services, from the existing national system in each country (in the case of Romania, through family doctors), to the introduction of mobile teams to travel home for the elderly or in certain areas across the country where there are no family doctors' offices or the introduction of the option to deliver the vaccine through other means, where pharmacies would also be included.

Medication home delivery

According to Trandafir, home medical services could also be supported by home delivery of medication, which required a legislative change, with focus on patients with chronic diseases, who were put to the test during the pandemic.

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