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"The flu vaccination was different this year than in previous years. I congratulate the authorities and the producers because they managed to bring the flu vaccine to Romania since September, being a premiere. We hope that the flu vaccine coverage will be very good this year, and even better next year. In principle, orders for the flu vaccine are given in January, February. For this year we gave them in February. Unfortunately, the pandemic began in March. We didn't know about it, the orders were somehow at the level of the past years, this year's demand being much higher ", stated Trandafir.

Moreover, the president of A.D.R.F.R. presented the recommendations of the World Health Organization regarding the extension of vaccination services from the existing national system in each country, in the case of Romania through family doctors, to the introduction of mobile teams to deliver home the medicines for the elderly or in certain areas across the country where there are no family doctor's offices or the possibility to deliver the vaccine otherwise, the inclusion of pharmacies in this immunization system, the organization of vaccination services and in schools, universities, workplaces, supermarkets or so-called Drive -Thru, as there is Drive-Thru for PCR testing. "Vaccination services should also be carried out through pharmacies. We have about 8,000 pharmacies that can provide this vaccination service. I don't know if all 8,000 will provide or want to provide, but we can consider that there are several thousand pharmacies in Romania that can help the current vaccination system and make this program a success. Home medical services could also be doubled by a home delivery of medication. For some chronically ill people this period was an extremely difficult period. We believe that a legislative change that will allow the delivery of medicines at home, especially for chronically ill people, will be beneficial for everyone as well ", added Trandafir.

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