Iulian Trandafir, President of A.D.R.F.R. at Ziarul Financiar Videoconference Health&Pharma Summit'20

The market downsized amid the pandemic. This year we will probably report the same value in as 2019.

"Total volumes have decreased a lot, sales of expensive products have increased, which means that fewer patients with common diseases and more patients with serious diseases have been treated. Starting with February, a relatively normal month, March was a boom in sales, reaching 1.7 billion le. We had a decrease in April and May - 144 million lei, but there were increases to over 1 billion lei in June. In July, the value of 1.3 billion lei was exceeded, which means a return of the market ", said Iulian Trandafir.

One of the problems is worsening access to treatment. It happens every day that patients find less and less medicine.

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