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Regarding the vaccination of the population, Iulian Trandafir, President of the Association of Pharmaceutical Distributors and Retailers in Romania (ADRFR), calls for vaccines in pharmacies, this being already possible in other states. "We are one of the last countries in Europe that does not practice vaccination in pharmacies, and it is difficult to understand why. I am not referring here to any type of vaccination, but I think it would be very good to start this fall with the flu vaccination in the pharmacy because it is very good for the population to be vaccinated against the flu in large numbers so as to avoid double infection. Flu vaccination has been practiced in pharmacies for years. In the USA, all types of vaccines are provided in pharmacies, in Great Britain a large part, a situation that replicates in other big European countries as well. Some of these, such as France, have recently started. In Romania, our proposal would be to start vaccination in pharmacies now. If I want to get vaccinated, I have to go to the family doctor to get a prescription, I go to the pharmacy to buy the vaccine, then I go back to the family doctor to get the vaccine. I will never do such a thing because I do not have so much time. Instead, I could easily go to a pharmacy where there would be a well-trained pharmacist to administer my vaccine and the situation was solved very simply ", explains Trandafir.

"It turned out that the electronic prescription worked extraordinarily well during this period, so it would be advisable to maintain it. I think it has proven its effectiveness and it would be a shame to go back to what it was before the pandemic.”

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