The Association for Pharmaceutical Distributors and Retailers in Romania (A.D.R.F.R.): We are ready to collaborate with the authorities in the implementation of the National Vaccination Strategy against the new coronavirus..

Bucharest, 3rd December 2020 – The members of the Association for Pharmaceutical Distributors and Retailers in Romania (A.D.R.F.R.) have signed a Solidarity Pact to ensure the necessary technical conditions for the facilitation of access to the anti-COVID-19 vaccine for Romanian patients to support the authorities in the implementation of the strategy and the action plan concerning the vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

“We welcome the development of a National Vaccination Strategy and we appreciate the strategic role assumed by the Presidential Administration in creating a system embedding all relevant actors. In this context, we consider that the pharmaceutical distribution and retail represents an important sector of the Romanian healthcare system and should be part of national vaccination network. This is precisely why, in order to contribute, we decided to sign a Solidarity Pact which will allow us to implement actions of support under the guidance and direct organization and supervision of the competent authorities, without involving any action of commercial alignment between the members of A.D.R.F.R.” stated Iulian Trandafir, President of A.D.R.F.R.

A.D.R.F.R. gathers companies with robust experience in the distribution and commercialization of medicine which operate a network of warehouses and local pharmacies with nationwide coverage. The members of A.D.R.F.R. manifest their availability to provide their expertise in the field, medical products, and human resources for the authorities.

“During this period prior to the anti-COVID-19 vaccination campaign, at a global level, all the distributors in the pharmaceutical sector are following with maximum attention the communications of the producers concerning stocking and transport conditions of the vaccine, because they are essential in establishing the process of being placed on the market. The companies within A.D.R.F.R. are making in all the efforts to support the authorities when national immunization campaign will be deployed”, added Iulian Trandafir, President of A.D.R.F.R. a adăugat Iulian Trandafir, Președintele A.D.R.F.R.

With the help of our employees working in distribution and in pharmacies, A.D.R.F.R. remains in the front line against the COVID-19, with the aim of ensuring the access of the Romanian patients to medicine and pharmaceutical services, in the best conditions of safety and comfort.