Romanian Association of Pharmaceutical Distributors and Retailers (A.D.R.F.R): We are ready to provide for the population with the necessary masks and protection materials after May 15

Bucharest, May 14, 2020 In the context of the new mandatory protection measures in closed public spaces communicated by the authorities and the resumption of economic activities involving travel and re-entry into communities, members of the Association of Pharmaceutical Distributors and Retailers in Romania (A.D.R.F.R.) are ready to ensure masks and protection materials for sale in pharmacies.

A permanent concern since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic remains the identification of partners, including among Romanian companies that have developed production capacities in this segment, which can supply equipment and products, by current standards. 

We appreciate the constant dialogue with the authorities during this period on topics related to health protection products to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus for the population at competitive prices. Ensuring access to medication is a priority for A.D.R.F.R. members, especially taking into consideration that they will be used for a long time.

At the same time, we do our best efforts to ensure that our employees involved in distribution and pharmacy staff continue to benefit from increased protection and safety measures. We call on patients who will visit pharmacies to follow the rules of social distancing to reduce the risk of infection with the new coronavirus.  

In a spirit of solidarity and responsibility for improving the health of Romanians, we will continue through campaigns to support patient associations and volunteers working to support vulnerable communities and groups, by providing much-needed protective materials.